Supporting Business Environment Reforms: Practical Guidance for Development Agencies - Annex: Supporting Quality Infrastructure in Developing and Transitional Economies, DCED 2014

    In 2008 the Donor Committee for Enterprise Development (DCED) published guidance for donor and development agencies in their support of business environment reform in developing countries, entitled Supporting Business Environment Reforms: Practical Guidance for Development Agencies. Since the publication of this guidance, increasing attention has been given to a number of specific and closely related topics, which have been published as annexes to the original guidance. This annex focuses on how donor and development agencies can support Quality Infrastructure (QI) in a broader context of business environment reforms. It is based on a series of deliberations by the DCED Business Environment Working Group, including a detailed technical report (see associated document below). It presents common principles on the importance of a modern and market-oriented QI framework as an integral part of a sound business climate.

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    »Leveraging the Impact of Business Environment Reform: The Contribution of Quality Infrastructure. Lessons from Practice, DCED Working Paper, 2014/ updated 2015