Synthesis documents

The Business Environment Reform Facility 2016-2018

    The Business Environment Reform Facility, or BERF, is a one-stop shop for DFID country offices and policy teams looking for support on Business Environment Reforms. All of the reports are published on the website, and can be easily found through looking for particular countries; themes (such as gender, fragile states, youth, and value for money); or work streams (comprising evidence and learning, technical support, policy research, and stakeholder engagement. The reports are commissioned by DFID teams, but are intended for a broader audience, particularly those dealing with broader research and lesson learning.

    The work is delivered by a KPMG led consortium, including DAI and Itad. Whilst the country reports, particularly the diagnostics, are specific, they shed light on particular issues which could be of applicability in other contexts. See for example work in Ghana on assessing the cost of regulatory compliance. The reports include policy research, as well as diagnostic tools/guidelines, and collations of evidence on what works, and learning notes on key topics.