Synthesis documents

Promoting the Business and Investment Climate, GTZ, 2005

    The private sector is crucial to accelerating economic growth and reducing poverty. Political, legal and institutional framework conditions constrain private sector development in many countries. An unfavourable Business and Investment Climate often particularly affects SMEs. In order to contribute to the solution of this core problem, the German Agency for Technical Cooperation
    (GTZ) designs and implements activities in joint responsibility with its partners.

    The GTZ activities include the development and dissemination of tools and instruments for improving the regulatory framework conditions, capacity building of key-stakeholders as well as organisational support in the public-private dialogue. In the course of these activities, political decision-makers and representatives of business associations are sensitised and capacitated in key issues and methodologies for improving the regulatory framework conditions. At the same time the institutional set-up for the public-private dialogue is improved.

    Attached are two documents which describe GTZ's approaches and experience in promoting a positive business and investment climate. The short document is a 4 page brochure summarazing GTZ's approach and briefly describing three cases from the Philippines, Ghana and the South African Development Community. The long document (183 pages) contains 11 case studies from GTZ experience covering the countries listed above and a wide variety of topics such as designing local business environment reform programs, human resource development for a market economy, measuring the effect of a national economy promotion program, conducting a regional business climate survey, how a business membership organization can contribute to improving the business environment and eGovernment to improve the local business environment.