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Donor experiences in supporting reforms in the business environment, White and Chacaltana/Donor Committee, 2002

    The Committee of Donor Agencies for SED has a Working Group on the Business Environment. This report was commissioned by the Working Group to review experiences from interaction among donor agencies in small enterprise policy reform in a few selected countries. It is expected to contribute to an understanding of the similarities and differences in donor agencies' efforts to help countries improve their policy environments for small enterprise development. It is also expected to contribute to an overall stocktaking of the content, process and outcomes of donor efforts by assessing specific country experiences, and deriving principles of good practice that could help guide future collaboration at the country level.

    Methods for info gathering
    Five countries or regions were selected for this review. These were: the Balkans (encompassing Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina and FYR Macedonia), the Caribbean (specifically Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, and Jamaica), Peru, Tanzania, and Viet Nam. In each of these the review was overseen by a Lead Agency representing the Working Group on Enabling Environment. Among other responsibilities, Lead Agencies appointed a National Consultant to carry out this review in each country or region, and prepare a regional or country report. All in all, the work of donor agencies in three countries and two regions are reviewed in the five regional/country reports from which this report has been prepared.

    Summary of results
    The findings are presented under the following headings:
    (A) The similarities and differences in efforts to help countries improve their policy environments for SED
    (B) The content, process and outcomes of donor efforts
    (C) Principles of good practice

    It is recommended that the Working Group needs to:
    - better understand the business environment and its influence on SMEs;
    - better understand the influence of international development assistance on the business environment;
    - better understanding donor practices;
    - design appropriate tools and techniques for measuring the impact of donor-support reforms; and
    - identify and promote best practices in donor-supported reforms

    Associated Activities and Documents
    B.E. Assessment
    »Approaches to support the development of an enabling environment for small enterprises in Vietnam, Mallon/GTZ, 2002
    »Review of donor-funded environment initiatives for PSD in the Caribbean, DFID, 2002
    »Review of experiences in small enterprise policy reform in UR Tanzania, 2002
    Synthesis documents
    »Donor Committee Conference: Reforming the Business Environment - from assessing problems to measuring results, Cairo, 29 November to 1 December 2005