Cairo Conference Session 1.3: Improving the Business Environment at the National Level (2005)

    The Papers and powerpoint presentations on the right hand side come from Session 1.3 on 29th November 2005 in Cairo, "Improving the Business Environment at the National Level". There are three themes pursued under this topic.

    a) How a Business Membership Organisation can Contribute to Improving the Business Environment in North-East Brazil, by Ralf Meier and Martin Wahl
    The first concerns the role of business membership organizations in calling for and participating in business environment reforms. Ralf Meier from the FounĀ¬dation for Economic Development and Vocational Training (SEQUA) in Bonn and Martin Wahl from the Training and Development Centers of the Bavarian Employers' Associations in Hof, Germany, presented a case study from northeast Brazil on how business membership organizations can contribute to business environment reforms. This project focused on the clothing industry in northeast Brazil.

    b) The Experience of FUNDES in Latin America, by Elfid Torres
    The second theme pursued in this session concerns the approach taken by an international development agency to assess the business environment and to design a reform programme. Elfid Torres from FUNDES International in Lima, Peru described the work of FUNDES in Latin America and the use of systemic competitiveness assessments, comprising micro, meso, macro and meta-levels of assessment.

    c) Creating an Enabling Business Culture, by Karin Reinprecht
    The third theme pursued in this session concerns the role of culture and social norms. Karin Reinprecht, a consultant from Reinprecht and Reinprecht OEG in Vienna, emphasised the importance of culture and social norms when reforming the business environment. These are issues that take us beyond a focus on policies and laws, to look at how culture and social institutions shape the values and attitudes that underpin society's approach to business development.

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    »Donor Committee Conference: Reforming the Business Environment - from assessing problems to measuring results, Cairo, 29 November to 1 December 2005