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Cairo Conference Session 2.4: Improving Public-Private Dialogue (2005)

    The Papers and powerpoint presentations on the right hand side come from Session 2.4 on 30th November 2005 in Cairo, "Improving Public-Private Dialogue". Many reports, guides and best practice advice in business environment reforms highlight the importance of good public-private dialogue. Indeed, public-private dialogue is one of the critical elements in sustaining business environment reforms. It is for this reason that the conference has identified public-private dialogue as a "hot topic" and assigned two breakout Sessions to this issue (this Session and Session 4.4).

    This Session focused on some of the lessons that can be learned from donor experiences in improving public-private dialogue. The emphasis was on the practical approaches that can be taken by donors and their development partners.

    a) Engaging Stakeholders through Competitiveness Parnerships, by Benjamin Herzberg
    Benjamin Herzberg, from the World Bank in Washington DC, presented a Paper on how public-private dialogue can be used to engage stakeholders in the implementation of business environment reform programmes.

    b) How to Promote Public Private Dialogue, by Matthew Gamser
    Matthew Gamser from the SME Department in World Bank Group in Washington DC described the lessons that can be learned from DFID's experience in promoting public-private dialogue.

    c) Engaging the Private Sector in BE Reforms: Experiences from Southeast Europe, by Jasmina Vignjevic
    Jasmina Vignjevic, from the Private Enterprise Partnership: Southeast Europe, World Bank - International Finance Corporation in Belgrade, described the experiences and lessons learned from southeast Europe in engaging with the private sector to implement business environment reforms; experiences in Serbia and Montenegro were described in detail.

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    »Donor Committee Conference: Reforming the Business Environment - from assessing problems to measuring results, Cairo, 29 November to 1 December 2005