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Cairo Conference Session 5.3: A Case of Dramatic Change - Business Environment Reform in Vietnam (2005)

    The Papers and powerpoint presentations on the right hand side come from Session 5.3 on 1st December 2005 in Cairo, "A Case of Dramatic Change: Business Environment Reform in Vietnam". Like Session 5.2, this Session examined the efforts made to reform the business environment in one country - in this case, Vietnam. Vietnam is well known for the impact its reform efforts have had on the private sector.

    For example, in the first three years since the introduction of a new Enterprise Law in 2000 and the elimination of regulations that were stifling new businesses, about 55,000 new businesses were registered, increasing the number of total private businesses to an estimated 70,000. This created more than one million jobs in the small enterprise sector and is estimated to grow at a rate of 750,000 new jobs per year. Drafting of the new Enterprise Law was an important turning point in government relations with the domestic private sector, involving extended and substantive consultations with the business community, the media, and members of the National Assembly than had occurred with earlier business reforms.

    This Session brought the perspectives of donor agencies, government departments and the private sector, on the reform processes.

    a) Case Study of the Reform of the Enterprise and the Investment Law in Vietnam, by Nguyen Dinh Cung and Le Duy Binh
    Nguyen Dinh Cung, Director of the Macroeconomic Department in the Central Institute of Economic Management in Hanoi, presented the key challenges of reform in Vietnam. Le Duy Binh, Advisor to the Business and Investment Climate Programme for SME Development in Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) in Hanoi, described the process of reforming the enterprise law and the experience of German technical cooperation in Vietnam.

    b) A Case Study on the Unified Enterprise Law and Common Investment Law, by Trang Nguyen
    Trang Nguyen, Manager of the Business Enabling Environment Programme in the International Finance Corporation - Mekong Private Sector Development Facility in Hanoi, presented a case study on the enterprise and investment law.

    c) A Private Sector Perspective on Business Environment Reform - The Case of Vietnam, by Dr. Pham Thi Thu Hang
    Pham Thi Thu Hang, from the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Hanoi, gave a private sector perspective on business environment reforms in Vietnam.

    d) The Draft SME Development Plan 2006-2010, by Pham Thi Thanh Ha
    Pham Thi Than-Ha, Deputy Manager of the General Issues and Domestic Investment Incentives Division in the Ministry of Planning and Investment in Hanoi, completed the presentations with a government perspective on business environment reforms.

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    »Donor Committee Conference: Reforming the Business Environment - from assessing problems to measuring results, Cairo, 29 November to 1 December 2005