Cairo Conference Session 4.3: The Role of Policies, Laws and Regulations for Small Business (2005)

    The Papers and powerpoint presentations on the right hand side come from Session 4.3 on 30th November 2005 in Cairo, "The Role of Policies, Laws and Regulations for Small Business". For some donors and their development partners, reforming the business environment begins by examining the policy, legal and regulatory framework for private sector and small enterprise development. This Session examined the role of policies, laws and regulation on small businesses; the first two Papers examined the role of an SME policy; the third considered the more specific policy and legal challenges for small enterprises and business environment reformers.

    a) Catalysing Policy Reform: Assessing the SMEPOL Project in Egypt and Broader Application, by Julius Court
    Julius Court, a Research Fellow at the Overseas Development Institute in London, presented a case study that identified the lessons learned from the SME policy development project in Egypt. His Paper considered the ways one can go about policy reform in the SME sector. It focused on the Small and Medium Enterprise Policies (SMEPOL) project in Egypt as a successful example of donor support for SME policy development, and described the key lessons from this experience and the extent to which they are more broadly applicable in other contexts.

    b) How to Build an Effective Policy Framework for SMEs: A Developing Countries' Perspective, by Tatiana Krylova
    Tatiana Krylova, from the United National Conference on Trade and Development in Geneva, focused on UNCTAD's work in building an effective policy framework for SMEs in development countries.

    c) Labour Law and MSEs, by Gopal Joshi
    Gopal Joshi, from the International Labour Organization in Geneva, presented a Paper on how labour policy, laws and regulations affect micro and small enterprises. He drew from a wide range of studies and reform programmes that deal with the concerns of employment policy and labour legislation. Common problems that are found in this area were highlighted, and a number of challenges and ways forward were identified.

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